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Default 5.7 hemi misfire on 2 cylinders

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, and I'm looking for some help with a misfire issue. Just bought another 05 hemi jeep, and it has a misfire issue(only on cylinders 1 and 6).
Here is a list of what's been done:
1) reman pcm(original had an internal short that was causing #2 injector to stick wide open all the time)
2) 8 injectors(just to be safe)
3) 8 new coils and wireset( had originals with 145k)
4) 16 new champion copper core plugs gapped to .045in (originally put iridium's because they worked great in my first hemi jeep, but there was a mid-year change that added knock sensors, so the iridiums were no good)
5) 4 new mds solenoids(had a code for #6 unable to reactivate)
6) new cam and crank sensors, and a cam crank relearn(the ones on my first 05 went at 150k, so it was preventative)
7)new map sensor(original was leaking)
All mopar parts.
Now it idles relatively smoothly in park, but if you drive it, it hesitates and pops. My scanner registers #1 and #6 misfires in high counts(50-100) while a couple of other cylinders register small counts(2-4) due to sequence of firing order. It's completely annoying, as I need to get this thing inspected.
Looking to see if anyone else has had this problem, and what kind of tips or repairs if any were made. Thanks in advance!
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